The reference for corporate well-being.

Increase productivity, reduce constant stress and cut absenteeism in half with ourtherapeutic massages , yoga and dynamic sports sessions.


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The reference for corporate well-being.


About us

We believe in the importance of well-being in the workplace.

Our method is based on natural, holistic techniques to bring relaxation and efficiency to the heart of the company.

Thanks to our unique approach, we help employees to optimize their performance while preserving their peace of mind.


Our Expert Team

Lucie Fernandez, Founder

Lucie is the founder of Workzenergy and before that souffledenergie, Workzenergy is a company specialized in helping companies achieve success. With 10 years' experience in the field, we have developed a unique approach combining massage and training to help your teams achieve their goals.

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Gabriella de Leuw, Coach

Gabriella is a talented corporate coach working for Workzenergy. Her experience includes co-authoring John Gray's book "Love and Coaching". Thanks to this collaboration, she is able to identify and solve classic business management problems with finesse and efficiency.

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Laure, Practitioner 

Laure is an experienced and qualified masseuse, specializing in massages and foot reflexology. What's more, her in-depth knowledge of the entrepreneurial world enables her to understand the specific expectations of our clientele and adapt her services accordingly.

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Florian, Practitioner

Florian is an experienced masseur specializing in corporate massages. Professional and caring, Florian offers high-quality massage services to help relax and revitalize employees.

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Enrique, Practitioner

Enrique, an experienced practitioner of corporate treatments, stands out for his professionalism and attention to individual needs. His top-quality services aim to relax employees, contributing to their well-being at work.

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Sélim Jebira, Web Designer

Sélim is an experienced web freelancer with 3 years' experience in wordpress, shopify and odoo website design. He recently decided to work with workzenergy to design, implement and monitor the site and platform.

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Our Services

Massages en entreprise 

We can help you eradicate burnout effectively.


Receive professional support on a variety of subjects.


Offer your consultants a comprehensive service and professional, tailored advice.

 Team Building

Boost your team's energy and cohesion effectively. Discover our offers here!


Become an expert in foot reflexology and well-being techniques.

Light therapy

Boost your teams' energy with PSIO for fast, effective recovery. 

Our Videos


Discover how Workzenergy transforms workspaces into havens of well-being and performance!

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DO IN is self-massage. Also known as "energetic cleansing", Do In is a Japanese self-massage technique derived from shiatsu and based on the theoretical principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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In ancient times, traditional self-massage was practised to promote physical health, mental serenity and spiritual upliftment. The practice also includes meditation exercises, postures, movements and stretching.

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Discover the powerful impact of massage in the workplace with heartfelt testimonials from Plantyn employees.

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